Saturday, February 5, 2011


Bèlzèb (Beautiful Herb) is the brand of these botanical wonders ranging from teas to beauty.
I grabbed these soaps at the PAP airport on my way to freezing NY!
Vetiver is an excellent herb for Haiti with the following characteristics:
- Insect-repellent
- Antiseptic
- Controls erosion
The exotic scent of the herb is reminsicent of starry summer night skies of Haiti's country side.
The soaps are handcrafted, stirred by hand with a wooden spoon and cleanse so well.
I usually finish off with the brand's parsley body oil. I have to admit I was quite skeptical at the thought of parsley scent on my body but it absolutely smells great. Mwen santi bon (I smell good).


  1. Alice,
    I bought the belzeb soaps at the departure gate of the airport in Haiti. There is a booth literally right before you board the plane. However you can always shop