Friday, January 21, 2011


Yes, that’s exactly what I said when I saw this breath of fresh air of a bag! I became like my then 2-year old munchkin buddy Maeva.

There were different designs of fè dekoupe but I chose the elephant because I know that most Haitians have never seen an elephant in their lives but artists here depict them very often in their crafts.

Grenn madjòk, the beads, were words I hadn’t heard in ages. Haitians used them a lot back in the days, especially to lock braids. Mwen renmen koulè grenn madjòk yo (I love the colors of the madjòk beads). And of course there is the added “green” factor of the recycled rice bag.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Three minutes ago I had a thermal and a wool cover on my back. One whiff and 2 sips later, I'm down to my tank top. This beverage sets you straight right away. The brand is Pam Alkon (not really sure what it means) but the ingredients are pineapple, grapefruit, oranges, spices and alchohol (must be kleren). I think this is one for those who can handle their liquor. Must definitely be consumed in moderation because I can predict the nasty hangover and the deep regrets. I like it and would offer it to guests, specially my foreign friends :-)


I didn't even remember this copper belt when it resurfaced in my life recently. I inherited it from my mother, or so I thought, until she called me yesterday claiming it back! It served her well for a while and now it's a must-have in my closet. It's Pericles.
Great contrast piece: Rough against Soft. Lots of options for day and night wear. This belt has character, craft and presence.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


My mother, in her spirit to help me support local craft, offered me this beautiful handmade crochet bed cover for Christmas. I had been eying it for months and it finally graces my bed today. The pattern is pretty and centers very well on my bed.
Driving around very often I see the maker. She works from the sidewalk and crochets garments as well.
This cover brings about memories of my youth in my parents' home and a feeling of comfort. This is a piece I can pass on to my children (when I have children). Thanks mom!

Monday, January 3, 2011


I was filled with excitement when Tigèt showed me a bag full of these cute hand painted clutch/packs. I could not choose! I just wanted to grab them all! Alabwòdè (How Elegant) is the name of the line and each and every one of the products come with a kreyòl proverb.
The word play of the proverb in the picture renders the translation less faithful but goes something like this: It's two "goods" that make candy.


I bought myself this beautiful pink shell necklace that I feel very special about. The intensity of the pink centerpiece makes a bold statement of love.

It's not the kind of piece you pull out any day. I've only worn it twice in the five months I've had it.

I bought it from an artisan at the local beach resort. I had found attractive, the designer being a man, was comfortable with using such bright pink as a center piece.