Friday, January 21, 2011


Yes, that’s exactly what I said when I saw this breath of fresh air of a bag! I became like my then 2-year old munchkin buddy Maeva.

There were different designs of fè dekoupe but I chose the elephant because I know that most Haitians have never seen an elephant in their lives but artists here depict them very often in their crafts.

Grenn madjòk, the beads, were words I hadn’t heard in ages. Haitians used them a lot back in the days, especially to lock braids. Mwen renmen koulè grenn madjòk yo (I love the colors of the madjòk beads). And of course there is the added “green” factor of the recycled rice bag.


  1. Its really made from a Rice sac? Awesome!!! J'aime. Very crisp and summery!

  2. Hi, awesome blog ! Congrats for creating this. I d like to know where you bought this bag in Haiti, thnaks in advance

  3. Hi Bertrand,
    Thanks for the support. The bag is pretty cool and so different. I got it at Kay Atizan in Petion-Ville on Rue Magny in the Festival Arts Building. Nice store. You should visit when you get a chance.